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What can we do for you?
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Quickly, What does 2WC do?

Custom SoftwareFor any need you may have: POS, management applications, web sites, web applications
Data RecoveryFormer certified forensic computer examiner staff
Data DestructionWe can make sure your information is wiped from disks before you discard computers or drives
Agricultural/Construction Machinery SoftwareContact us if you have a new and used tractor business selling after market parts or are a vendor

Custom Software

Web Development eCommerce Desktop Software Rich Client Mobile Development Phone Development Catalog and Media Development User Acceptance and Automated User Testing Software Project Management

We have been designing and implementing custom software since 1998. We develop using different computer programming languages and technologies. This allows us to extend your current software regardless of current language. Too, we can create you a custom solution from scratch.

Contact us to talk about specific details. We will put together an initial quote to perform early prototype work. We can talk about your overall plans and an estimate for the amount of work considering your project goals. We believe in iterative and agile processes which give you the best options for your money as a project progresses.

Data Recovery

Harddrive Flash Drive iPod and MP3 player Phone PDA External Drive Other Devices

We are staffed with former forensic computer examiners. This means we can perform data recovery using the same techniques used in civil and criminal forensic electronic cases. This means you can be assured to the degree possible your data can be safely recovered.

Please be aware. If you lose valuable data, the time to recover it is immediately. Don't run any programs, don't shut the computer down, and don't install anything. Call us immediately and we will walk you through the steps until we can get to your computer.

The more your computer disk is accessed, the more likely your data will be over written. Simply turning off your computer in normal ways will write to the disk. Installing software or updates will write to your disk. The files you have marked deleted are at risk the longer you wait to seek professional help unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

We tell you this because our goal is to recover your data and help you. Even if you do not use us, please understand the above is in 'your' best interest and contact a professional whom ever that may be.

Data Destruction

Harddrive Flash Drive iPod and MP3 player Phone PDA External Drive Old Removable Media Other Devices

Just as we can help you recover lost data, we can also help you destroy it. When ever you get ready to sell, give away, or throw away your computers make sure the information on your drives and other storage devices can not be stolen.

Often people don't even realize they have sensitive information on their computers. Computers are used to create documents for sensitive business processes, designs, or even create patents. They are used to make purchases with credit cards, and bank accounts are checked. Communications are done through mediums such as Skype, FaceBook, and E-Mail; these can be sensitive or personal.

Simply deleting a file from your computer does not ensure the data can not be recovered. Computer operating systems do certain things to make them work more efficiently. Files are not overwritten when they are deleted, but instead are marked as deleted, and then you do not see them.

You can not merely delete files from your storage devices and believe those devices are safe for disposal. We can make sure they are safe for disposal. We give all devices back to you, so you can have a third party verify a sample of the returned devices for a sanity check.

This is not just for businesses. Think about how you use your computer for your personal life as well. There are all kinds of vulnerabilities for identity theft. Be aware of this and be careful. Protect yourself.

Agricultural and Industrial/Construction Machinery Software

We have software packages to help you make your agricultural and industrial/construction machinery business more effective. These applications help you lookup parts for machinery. This can be useful for mechanics as well as businesses selling after market or used parts.

Contact us for more details. Our software can help you get more from your business. It takes time to lookup part numbers, to verify with your customer you are both on the same page, and to see what the original manufacturer last charged for a part to know what you want for a used part.